How Bitcoin Equates to Freedom?


Something special came in 2009 as Satoshi brought the first digital coin on this planet known as Bitcoin. The mystery man brought this coin, and we saw something impossible added to the market. If we go back to the memory lane of the year Bitcoin came, you hardly could buy anything with this coin. Yes, you heard it right, as the exchange rate of BTC was meager. People were not familiar with the coin, and they did not pay single heed in treating it as money. Bitcoin took time to start working as money, but finally, it did. The way the coin evolved in the market was different from any fiat currency. However, Bitcoin was able to do it in a big way in some years of its creation. People barely understood the coin, and thus it took 10K of BTCs for a software programmer in Florida to pay to a pizza store to get two pizzas. You can explore this topic in detail by visiting the site .

Bitcoin and its value of money

Every money, which talks about Bitcoin in a massive history of human civilization, seemed to have many more reasons for using it as money. Everything has its value, including the postage stamp, the metals, the cattle, and so on. These were used to make money as per the set pattern. Then came the fat currency, and it was announced by the central agency or government and bank about having some value in it. The value was calculated as a metal. Even the nationalized traditional money was seen coming along with some value, including gold. Bitcoin has changed in a big way. It comes up with no earlier value, and no one has added any pressure to use the same. Yet, at times you can find a medium of exchange in it. Many people fail to understand the way they pay heed toward Bitcoin. However, it is never accepted as a payment option. They feel you do not have to use it to pay for anything or are exchanged with the help of fiat money.

As discussed above, two pizzas went at a whopping 10K of BTCs in the market in Florida. A software professional who owned that much of Bitcoin wasted in two pizzas; imagine the amount of money he could have had with the same amount of Bitcoin in his wallet today. However, he has no regrets for the same. The coins then were seen like bytes and bits that worked with the help of Blockchain. The early day miners could not get enough with the Bitcoin they had. Hence, they just wasted those buying pizzas with it. It has inspired the coins in a big way, and then we came to the idea of moving the Bitcoin.

How does Bitcoin gain value and power?

Several classical economists claim that unless the coins have value, they can never have the power to impress in the market. Once the value is added to the coin, they get big. Hence the big question is, where did Bitcoin gain the value from the coin? Bitcoin could not gain ground from day one, and it came after a while. The products you procure brand new have a higher value than the used ones. The early people who adopted Bitcoin had no other reason to procure the same. All you can find is the conviction and dream to get the enthusiasm for the same. It is a multi-billion USD system, and it did have a good impact on the same.

How does Bitcoin liberate everyone?

Today Bitcoin is like magic, and it has had a big journey covered so far with so many people who hold the coin are leading calm life. One can find many more things to enjoy, from a coin with trivial value to one with so much value. However, the advent of Bitcoin did not come in a vacuum space. It came as a solution to the recession kind of situation that further helped make things work. It has come up to solve the problems that fiat currency has created. In this way, we see Bitcoin liberating everyone in the market. It keeps you away from the clutches of banks and central agencies that care about your earnings and demand higher money as tax. Thus, Bitcoin is equated to freedom of one and all in this way.

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