Chinese New Year affects cargo movement at the port of Mazatlan


The situation of the port in terms of cargo movements has been affected by the beginning of the Chinese new year since Asian shipments are very paralyzed, but once it ends, courses are resumed in March or April and the peak in itineraries is wait for August and September.

The foregoing was announced by the president of Codesin the southern zone, Alfredo Ruelas Solís, who said that for the customs businessman, these peaks are precisely those that do not allow future projections, for which stable markets are needed so that the port can grow.

It should be remembered that the Chinese year is better known as the Spring Festival in the People’s Republic of China or as the Lunar New Year abroad, being the most important traditional festival of the Chinese calendar year, also celebrated in other East Asian countries. , and this is what keeps the port free of cargo traffic for the time being.

He recalled that during the visit of the Secretary of Tourism, last weekend, the general director of the Administration of the National Port System, ASIPONA for its acronym, Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infanzón, presented the Expansion and Modernization Program of the port, which includes the dredging of the navigation channel, repair of the breakwater in Crestón and Isla de Chivos; the modernization of the cruise terminal; the opening of a pier for tenders or smaller boats, among other works.

And regarding these announcements, he added that the investments are welcome and that, for their part, they are obliged to support all the possibilities of development and growth that come to the area, even though he said he was unaware of the project itself
The leader of the Council of Development of Sinaloa in the southern part of the state, Alfredo Rulas Solís, said that Mazatlán needs a boost in this regard, since when there is saturation in other Mexican ports, this is an option for the Mexican Pacific to derive bulk cargoes, and as a case specific in the movement of wood.


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