Café Punta del Cielo will open a new branch in the Historic Center of Mazatlan


The Mexican chain Café Punta del Cielo will install its second branch, after so many requests among caffeine lovers.

MAZATLAN.- In the heart of the Historic Center, on Niño Héroes street, a Mexican chain desired by many but tried by a few is added to the coffee route of this area in Mazatlan, we are talking about Café Punta del Cielo.

It will be located in one of the rooms of Casa García, a place that houses El Presidio, headquarters of Tropicalia Bazar and Casa Analco, adding the consumption option of this old mansion in the port and that comes to join the list of places to buy a cup of latte, espresso or Americano.

The first branch of Café Punta del Cielo in Mazatlan is at the International Airport, which those who go to go on a trip or pick up a person, take advantage of and do not leave the place without their black glass, with a white lid and sleeve with the logo of this business.

Currently, only in self-service stores, you can find a variety of sizes and styles of coffee from this brand, ground coffee from Veracruz or Chiapas, capsules for coffee makers, or soluble if you are more practical, and even a kit to make your own carajillos.


Café Punta del Cielo was founded 21 years ago by Pablo González Cid, focused on the development of the entire industry around coffee, they already have more than 50 products on the market, in addition to branches nationwide, putting themselves at the competition of coffee shops like Starbucks. Its first store was located at the intersection of Arquímides and Presidente Masaryk, in Mexico City.

By 2013, Café Punta del Cielo was already in Hong Kong, China, and a little later with a few more branches in Europe, raising the quality of Mexican coffee marketing.

This company is the sum of others that have been announced and installed in Mazatlán despite the pandemic, such as the case of the Pizza Hut franchise, which after having withdrawn from the port for many years, reinstalled itself and is in the middle of the Golden Zone; likewise, the Cafenio company, which also left the destination and returned, raising the popularity of its consumers.


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