El Fuerte Sinaloa, Los Taxtes community without working street lights, will new mayor finally repair?


Residents of this community point out that it is not a recent issue, the streets have been dark at night for years with the risks that it represents because only the old lamps are there, but without turning on

El Fuerte.- No. You don’t have something in your eyes. Yes, the photo was loaded correctly, it is not a fault in your cell phone. That is the image that the residents of the community of Los Taxtes, in El Fuerte, see when they go out as soon as it gets dark in the ejido.

Before 7:00 in the evening, darkness already takes over Guadalupe Victoria Street, the street where the primary school is located, and no post has lighting.

This is how it looks. If they don’t have light bulbs in hand or the neighbors themselves don’t turn on the lights in their patios, “if you go out into the street, to the store or come back from work, you don’t know what awaits you meters ahead, they could even rob us,” he says. a woman.

Residents of that area stated that it is not a recent problem, but an old one. The past administration never solved this problem of repairing the lights and they hope that with the arrival of this new municipal president, things will change in favor of the citizens.

“We no longer know if they work or not, or we just have to change the focus, or maybe it’s pure aluminum, the thing is that they don’t turn on, and they never turn on”

Another pending issue in this community is to take a look at the necessary repair of the drainage since there are constant complaints about collapses of the same that flood houses, bathrooms and are sources of infection and proliferation of insects such as flies.

“I hope the municipal authority takes a turn here. They always visit us campaigning, offering supplies to ask for the vote, but when there really is a problem, we also want them to support us, to know that our rulers can be trusted,” said one of the the affected.

Source: mindat.org, lineadirectaportal.com

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