In Mazatlán, internet companies fill the urban landscape with cables


The Director of Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, assured that the companies that offer internet services and pay television have permission to install more wiring in the streets.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The companies that offer internet and television services in Mazatlán have permission to install aerial cables, but where there is already underground infrastructure, they must provide the service there, informed the director of Municipal Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly.

He said that new companies are arriving that offer telephone and internet service to Mazatlan, which he considered good because of supply and demand, however, he specified that in places where there is already aerial wiring, it is where they are allowed to put it in as well. they.

 It is not being allowed that in places where everything is underground they arrive and put up posts, obviously in some places they have to put up posts, but they are places where they already exist, which are necessary to be able to reinforce their lines ”, explained the municipal official.

Estavillo Kelly assured that all the companies that are placing new overhead pipelines have requested permits, but they do not have full coverage everywhere, so to do so, they must introduce new infrastructure and not hang on to the competition.

He recognized that so much aerial cable “uglies” the city, but justified that for this reason, they do not allow them to be installed in areas where there is no cable, such as in the new subdivisions.


The Mazatlan Post