Mazatlan starts 2022 with increased port activity


Emilio Hernández Kelly, president of the Mazatlán Port Community, pointed out that ports such as Manzanillo and Lázaro Cárdenas remain saturated, opening up the opportunity for Mazatlán to grow in container discharge and flow.

MAZATLAN. – Mazatlan is doing well at the start of 2022, at least in terms of port activity, managing to maintain the flow and mobility of containers that was recorded at the end of 2021, and that shippers already take as the first option the port, before the saturation of others.  

Emilio Hernández Kelly, president of the Mazatlán Port Community, mentioned that, as far as they have been informed, the ports of Manzanillo and Lázaro Cárdenas remain saturated, therefore, this has opened a path of opportunities to Mazatlán for new shippers. .  

“The terminal here has made some structures or changes that you would think would be temporary, but shippers are realizing that Mazatlan is a very good option for their general cargo, which can be wood or steel, steel coils, scrap metal, salt, those types of loads,” he declared. 

The trend through Mazatlán continues, and with this flow, Hernández Kelly pointed out that Mazatlán still has reception possibilities and ruled out that it reaches saturation levels like the other ports, but rather, in the medium or long term. 

“Activity that was lost due to the pandemic is recovering, with the reactivation of the economy, in a moderate way,” he said.  

 Obstacles in the Roosevelt collector affect cargo mobility 

Hernández Kelly pointed out that the work on the installation of the Roosevelt collector has not yet been completed and this is affecting the road flow of cargo, forcing the traffic that circulates on Emilio Barragán avenue to use a single lane.  

This, according to the businessman, is also a bad image for the arrival of cruise ships, however, they do not know the reasons why the work is stopped.  

“At the local level, it would be good if they improved the roads in the port area, there is the unfinished work of the pluvial drainage on Emilio Barragán and Miguel Alemán, it forces the traffic to go to a single body of the avenue, also in that area, if we talk of tourist image is the one we give to cruise ships”, he added.  

This work corresponds to the state authorities, however, they have not announced a completion date either.  


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