Do you have leftover medications? They are needed at Asilo de Ancianos, “La Inmaculada”


From loratadine, paracetamol, syrups, and vitamins C, look in your drawers, check its expiration date, and do not hesitate to take it to support the continuous improvement of seniors.

MAZATLAN. – The fourth wave of infections by Covid-19 reached the facilities of the Nursing Home, “La Inmaculada”, and today our seniors need us, how? With the donation of medicines, they require to get out of their treatments.  

Laura Amor, the administrator of the asylum, listed the medications they need for each of them:  

-Ibuprofen 600 milligrams 

-Loratadine with Betamethasone 

-Levodropropizine syrup 

-Vitamine C 

-Vitamin D 

“From one piece, to three or five, they have brought us some and we will be able to cover two days of treatment… Medications can be brought from 7:00 in the morning, the asylum is already open, until 6:00 in the afternoon ”, he declared.  

So far, he said, he believes that the sick elderly suffer from Covid-19, because, although some have come out positive, the others have been infected, however, the cost of the tests is not enough to cover them, therefore, they took measures isolation for his speedy recovery.  

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None is serious, Laura indicated that they suffer from mild symptoms such as the flu.  

“Isolation as much as possible, only the healthy grandparents are eating in the dining room, they are taking food to the sick ones in their rooms, right now people do not enter the nursing home,” he said.  

The measures that were taken, he added, are with the limitation of visits, since previous months a small number of visitors had been determined and only at the reception, for now, they will be suspended until the situation improves.  

The administrator of the asylum pointed out that there are doctors who are going constantly to follow up on each of the inmates, and, as a matter of course or protocol, they also check the health of those who remain healthy.  

asilo de ancianos

We remind you that the address of the asylum is on Calle José María Morelos y Pavón, on the corner of Calle 5 de Mayo, Colonia Centro, in front of Plazuela Zaragoza.  


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