Mazatlan urban planning detecting and fining construction sites without permits


The Sustainable Urban Development Planning Directorate supervises different sectors and even detects that within private subdivisions they build but do not have any permission to do so will be fined, and work stopped.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Up to 50 percent of the works under construction, many of these within the private residential areas of the port of Mazatlán, are detected and closed for not having the proper permits, in addition to the fact that the offenders are fined and forced to pay the request to continue with the work, revealed Jorge Estavillo Kelly.

The director of Planning for Sustainable Urban Development in Mazatlan said that although the numbers are variable to date, according to supervision, the problem has been constant, which is why it is necessary that those who will undertake construction work approach the dependency municipality to keep up to date.

“Every day they vary, they are among 10 that do not have a construction permit, there are even well-established subdivisions that were developed as lots, and each owner begins to develop their homes in a particular way, we have carried out operations, and we have taken out what they have no idea , those that are private preserves, which the administration is supposed to request in order to start the construction permit and it turns out that they leave them.  

Estavillo Kelly pointed out that as a dependency they seek to regulate all those who undertake construction work, for this reason, they must approach the Urban Planning Department to receive this permit, which sometimes, in very popular sectors, is sometimes not necessary to pay a strong amount.

However, he clarified that the cost of the permit varies, according to the area, depending on the meters of construction and the values ​​established, according to the Treasury Law, since, for example, the fractionation in the CID exceeds 100 thousand pesos, while in the Urías sector maybe 2 thousand pesos.


The Mazatlan Post