Casa Down de Mazatlán needs us, say yes to its rounding up in Oxxo stores


Irma Lizette Michel Reynoso, director of this Private Assistance Institution, informed that with the proceeds, they will remodel the facilities to offer a better service to the beneficiaries.

MAZATLAN. – They say that good actions towards others are multiplied, and one of them is to say “yes”, to the classic rounding, on this occasion, the support will be for Casa Down, which will support this campaign in Oxxo stores, seeking that others join the cause they have been leading for years.  

casa down training

But what is Casa Down? 

It is a Private Assistance Institution that is dedicated to the care and training of people with Down syndrome, from babies, with the specialization of early stimulation, to adults, with training aimed at work and entrepreneurship.  

Irma Lizette Michel Reynoso, director of Casa Down, mentioned that this is why, with campaigns such as the roundup, they help improve and continue with the activities, even, in two previous roundups, they managed to raise the walls, implying that these campaigns are real.  

“We are convinced that this is true, many people say no, but with that we have been able to build our facilities, for that we want this rounding, to continue working and adapting our facilities and provide a better service,” he declared.  

casa down

They maintain training for both beneficiaries and parents, in order to strengthen ties and family care; They have individual and group counseling, both face-to-face and online, now with the pandemic, in addition to jewelry workshops, and even soap making, which the students themselves have sold to support themselves financially.  

“We have labor workshops, they work there, making articles such as soaps, costume jewelry, they sell them and they make a profit, the workshop is productive for them, for the institution, not because little is done,” he said.  

Where can I say “yes” to rounding? 

In Oxxo stores, go to any of them and when paying tell the cashier that you want to round up, the campaign started this month and will end in March, try it.  

“The rounding is at any Oxxo branch, both in Mazatlán and Culiacán so that they donate those cents that the cashiers ask for, because it is very useful to us,” she commented. 


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