Axolotls are all the rage; They sell new bills online for up to 50 thousand pesos


In October 2021, the first images of the new 50-peso bill came to light, which would be part of the seventh family of bills in Mexico. One of its main features is the inclusion of an axolotl on one of its faces. 

Currently, the bill is already circulating in our country, which is why many people have decided to keep it and not spend it under any circumstances and many more have preferred to sell it online at really crazy prices. 

It is enough to search in Mercado Libre for the word “ajolote billete”, to be able to find a large number of users selling it. Prices vary from 199 to 50,000 pesos. 

Despite the fact that its costs can lend themselves to a large number of jokes, the reality is that the purple bills are located in the category of the best sellers of Mercado Libre. 

It is only necessary to do a quick search through Mercado Libre with the word “ajolote billete” and we will find more than 100 publications that offer tickets at different prices. We find publications that can offer a single bill for 50,000 pesos


The publication that we highlight is one that sells a single ticket for 199 pesos, that publication is among the best sellers in the category of tickets with more than 67 sales until the moment of publication.

The seller mentions that the bill is AA series and uncirculated, which means that the bill has no handling damage such as folds or creases. The 50-peso banknote of the G family was the last to be presented to complete the entire series of banknotes.

The sale of “rare” bills and coins is very common in Mercado Libre, noting that the site itself has a special category for this type of publication. Let us remember that in 2018 the platform had various publications selling 10-peso coins for up to 1,500 pesos.

Mexico Daily Post