VIDEO: Alert about alligator sighting on the beaches of Mármol


A person videotaped the exact moment when the animal was resting between the waters of the sea.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The presence of an alligator that rested among the waves of the beaches of Mármol, during the afternoon of this Thursday alerted a bathe, who with his cell phone, videotaped the moment, where the animal can be observed with the naked eye .

Through the video recording that circulates on social networks, the bather alerted the people who usually go to this beach area, so that they do not take risks and take precautions, especially if they come with children.

“Breed for those who come to bathe here in the waves, look at the alligator that is there, look, I came from far away because I thought it was a fish that was stranded, but it is an alligator, so that they can put trout, since they see Suddenly children come, people from outside come, get abused, you already saw it, I’m going to get as close as possible, he has already sambutió, but there he is, he has to go out there, get abused, put trout for all the people who comes to bathe on this side of the beaches of Mármol, there he goes, there he goes, there he goes, look ”.

The bather in the video narrates exactly when the waves that arise at the moment roll over the animal, losing it to the naked eye, but later it is captured again with the camera of his cell phone.

He asked the population to take this situation into account and the authorities themselves to pay attention to avoid a tragedy, should the alligator continue to navigate.


The Mazatlan Post