Sinaloa Governor hands over state security to the National Guard

  • The state governor announced that now this institution will take over the surveillance of roads, ports and airports

When delivering a package of 43 patrols to the National Guard, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya said that the purpose of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is to leave this very consolidated institution in Mexico, and within his new tasks in Sinaloa, he will also monitor from federal highways, seaports, and airports.

The state president went to the National Guard Barracks, located in the security complex where C4i operates, to accompany the commander of this institution in Sinaloa, General Isaac Bravo López, and also the commander of the Ninth Military Zone, General Héctor Ávila. Alcocer; and the Secretary of Public Security, Lieutenant Colonel Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, to deliver these new units that were immediately incorporated into the new surveillance tasks.

In his message to the more than 300 elements of the National Guard, Governor Rocha highlighted the success of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in creating this important institution, which although there are forerunners in the world, such as Europe and Latin America, Mexico’s is a security institution created in accordance with the requirements of our country.

He added that the objective is to leave a consolidated institution, in a binomial in its operation with military and civilian personnel, “which in the end is a corporation in which we Mexicans will increase trust and respect.”

“We are going to have the National Guard on the roads and in the seaports and at the airports, in an additional effort made by the Government of the Republic by equipping them with new patrols, with the interest that this new incursion starts well – surveillance – which we are requiring, ”he said.

These new tasks will also reinforce the work already done by the Federal Police assigned to protect federal highways, in a state like Sinaloa where there is a wide network of roads.

It should be noted that the patrol handover ceremony was held at the end of the meeting of the Table for Pacification that Governor Rocha led on this occasion at the National Guard Headquarters, with the participation of Generals Ávila Alcocer and Bravo López. , of the Secretary-General of Government, Enrique Inzunza Cázarez; the Deputy Attorney General for Justice, Dámaso Castro Saavedra; the inspector general of the National Guard, Manuel Adolfo Sánchez Olascuaga and the delegate of Social Programs for Development, Juan de Dios Gámez Mendívil.


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