‘Stay home,’ says the Mazatlan mayor if you don’t want to get Covid


MAZATLÁN.- The highest! The mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres acknowledged that the rebound in Covid-19 cases has led the port to have the highest peak in almost two years of the pandemic.

He pointed out that although the municipality will maintain health protocols to prevent the spread of the virus, it will be the citizens who must also be aware of the situation that is being experienced since by now the population knows well how the pandemic works.

“We continue to do the same and it will end that way. People know how far, whoever goes to a restaurant or bar knows that there is risk, if they do not want to get sick then stay at home, “he said.

The municipal president indicated that for now, we will see an increase in infections, but as the days go by, recoveries will begin to be seen, this because the new variant “Ómicron” is more like the flu, a characteristic that has favored the absence of more hospitalizations or people who need oxygenation to breathe well.

“In a week we will begin to see that more are recovered and no deaths, who can stay at home to do so. Anyway, this has to come out in a month, “he added.

The rise in coronavirus infections has caused Sinaloa to go back to yellow within the epidemiological traffic light.

According to the latest report from the state Health Secretariat, as of today, Sinaloa has 3,447 active cases. The municipality with the most cases is Culiacán with 1,515 patients, followed by Mazatlán with 486 and Ahome with 344 patients.

Source: punto.mx

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