Mazatlan businesses are being fined and threatened with shutdowns if they don’t follow protocols


On Sunday night, 46 new active cases of Covid-19 were registered on the platform, 36 recovered and no deaths, so this Monday the city woke up with 486 patients with the virus

Inspection and surveillance intensified during the fourth wave of Covid; fines range from 10 to 100 minimum wages to clubs, bars, and restaurants that violate protocols.

This weekend 40 public establishments were fined and 163 warning notices were sent for not respecting health protocols during this fourth wave of Covid-19 infections in Mazatlán.  

Bars, clubs, and restaurants were the money orders fined by the Mayor’s Office, as reported by Nayla Velarde Narváez, head of the municipal agency.  

The official acknowledged that the nightclubs had a relaxation during this weekend, despite the fact that they had already been informed about the return of all sanitary measures, including the reduction of capacity to 60 percent. 

“Yes, this weekend we were relaxed. All the fines were for not complying with the protocols, “he said.  

He pointed out that at the moment they have not closed any business, they have only been fined, but it could be closed if they continue to fail to comply with the rules that the municipal government has interposed. 

The fines issued by the Mayor’s Office range from 10 minimum wages, the lowest, to 100 minimum wages, the highest. 

“Let us remember that the notices are the first stage, if they do not pay attention then they are fined,” he stressed.  

Is the vaccination certificate returned? The municipal official explained that this had a purpose that has already been achieved, that of inviting people to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Therefore, requesting it again is not within the sanitary measures. 

” We expect good behavior from our colleagues in the bar sector, clubs, and restaurants, due to the prevention that we have been managing in the municipality, we expect a good response, ” said the municipal official.

The Chief Officer warned that if these 40 infringed businesses repeat, they will be suspended for three days, in addition to the fact that the fines range from 10 minimum wages to 100 minimum wages, it will depend on what they are fined, for each one is different.

And when restarting the football season at the “Kraken” stadium this weekend, Velarde Narváez reported that the capacity will be 60 percent and the person in charge of the City Council’s protocols will go to the stadium to mark matters to keep a healthy distance.

“ In the first game, we are going to have a separation of seats, sanitary filters, and a 60 percent reduction in the stadium. They can only operate and sell only with 60 percent ”, highlighted the Chief Officer.


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