What are the new Mazatlan covid protocols for businesses? Check them here


COEPRIS announces recommendations for safe establishments.

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MAZATLÁN.- Attention businessmen! The head of the Municipal Mayor’s Office, Nayla Velarde Narváez, called on all businessmen to cooperate and follow all sanitary restrictions to the letter, such as the use of antibacterial gel, the use of a mask correctly, taking the temperature and of course respecting the new capacities.

This, after the announcement made by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez about the reduction of capacity to 60 percent in all public establishments, in order to reduce the contagion of Covid-19 in the port.

“Support us in this first stage to lower the cases of Covid-19. We know that we are starting and we do not want this to emerge and we need businessmen to help us, “he said.

Markets, gyms, and various sports centers will also have to align themselves with this new measure that will avoid crowds.

So that the establishments do not have excuses that they are not aware of, the Mayor’s Office will send official letters with the information, if they do not comply with the recommendations, they will be entitled to a sanction.


For its part, the State Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks in Sinaloa (COEPRIS) launched a series of sanitary rules to ensure that businesses are safe during this rise in infections in the state.

  • Cleaning with soap and water and disinfection with chlorinated solution of surfaces and objects of common use.
  • Have guidelines for the control of visits, suppliers and contractors in matters of hygiene, healthy distance and the obligatory use of face masks, which must be followed when entering, staying and leaving the place.
  • In case the production process or service allows it, the work stations and areas are delimited with physical barriers, otherwise, the work stations are delimited with signs or marks on the floor ensuring a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people. workers.
  • Have exclusive entrances and exits for personnel; If there is only one access, it is divided by physical barriers in order to have specific spaces for the entry and exit of personnel.
  • Have enough 60% alcohol dispensers or 60% alcohol-based disinfectant gel at the entrances.
  • Have a sink with soap, water and disposable paper towels, or where appropriate, with dispensers of 60% alcohol or 60% alcohol-based disinfectant gel.
  • Body temperature is taken upon entering the establishment.
  • Have a staff training program on the actions to be carried out in the establishment to prevent and avoid chains of contagion.
  • Request the proof or certificate of vaccination in two doses at the entrance of the diners, workers and suppliers.
  • Have daily cleaning and disinfection protocols for areas, surfaces, contact objects and common use, which include washing with soap and water, disinfecting with a 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution.
  • Workers should not wear accessories (jewelry, ties) as they can be a reservoir for viruses and other microorganisms.
  • In the case of workers who have contact with the public, they are provided with face masks and eye or face protection (the face or eye protector can be omitted if there are physical barriers and the distance of 1.5 meters between the worker and client is maintained ).

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