Heroes without capes, Mazatlan firefighters attended almost 3,000 emergencies in 2021


Mazatlan firefighters expect that this 2022 fires and emergencies decrease in the municipality

MAZATLAN. – 2021 was a difficult and eventful year for the Mazatlan Fire Department, attending a total of 2,547 emergencies, 15 percent more compared to 2020, explained Saúl Alfredo Robles Chávez, second commander of this dependency.  

He expressed that only during the month of December 2021 a total of 280 emergencies were attended, meanwhile on December 31, 2020, there were 14 emergencies, all of them related to pyrotechnics.  

“During the past year 906 fires were attended to vacant lots, 322 fires to house rooms, 173 gas leaks, 108 car fires and the rest different emergencies from rescues,” said Robles Chávez.  

The second commander commented that the average number of emergencies they have attended during these first days of the year is 8 to 10 a day.  

Time to raise awareness

For his part, he stated that false calls from citizens continue and increase more and more, just for the fun of watching the firefighters go by, without thinking a bit about how much it costs to move to the site. 

“Moving a fire truck costs approximately 3,500 pesos, it is a resource that can be used in something that is true and also not leave an area unprotected because of a lie,” said the second commander.   

Source: punto.mx

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