Thousands sign petition to remove Mazatlan mayor from office


Mazatlan friends, help this petition reach the necessary signatures to remove the KILLER Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.
The end of the year event in Mazatlán was undoubtedly the most despotic and arbitrary action of this character, we cannot allow someone so irresponsible to continue harming Mazatlán.

The mass event in Mazatlán for New Yearcelebration is unacceptable - The  Mazatlan Post

The Mayor of Mazatlán has shown that he is not capable of Governing Mazatlán, nor in matters of security, health or economy.

Reasons why Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres should leave his position:

1.       With a despotic and arrogant attitude, he puts the lives of thousands of Mazatlan at risk by allowing boats with crew members infected with Covid-19 ( Delta and Ómicron variant ) to descend to the port spreading the virus among the population.

2.       Not in accordance with the above, on December 31, 2021, a massive celebration called “Welcome 2022” will be held, which will have an influx of more than 25 thousand people, even though the Federal and State Governments have prohibited mass events, as in the words of Benítez Torres “In Mazatlán I command

3.       Mazatlán is going through a drinking water crisis, where 80% of the homes have muddy water in the pipes, unable to carry out their daily hygienic life.

4.       Luis Guillermo has shown corruption in many ways, he bought two luxury trucks, worth more than 1 million pesos each, he employed a former Quirino Ordaz Coppel official, as well as naming a street after this same former governor.

5.       Has an active complaint for gender violence against the Attorney General Elsa Isela Bojórquez Mascareño.

6.       Benítez Torres invests the money of the Mazatlan people in useless things like Concerts, Trips for him and his family and statues of English musicians.

For these and many other reasons, Mazatleca society requests that Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres leave his post as Mayor, applying the revocation of mandate promoted by our President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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Source: Revocación-de-mandato-Contra-el-Químico-Benítez-de-Mazatlán

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