Mazatlan transit police issue fines daily on Camarón Sábalo avenue


Inhabitants of the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ reoffend in the road faults parking in double queue on one of the avenues that has the most traffic jams

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Due to double parking, Municipal Transit fines an average of 50 people every day, explained the head of this department, Jorge Samuel Alvarado.

Denoting the continuous lack of road responsibility on the part of citizens, tourists, and inhabitants of the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ re-offend in road misconduct by double-parking in one of the avenues with the most traffic jams.

According to Illustrious Alvarado, for this reason, an average of up to 50 fines are issued every day, in addition to maintaining permanent surveillance in other equally important areas.

“Every day we have elements about the Sabalo Shrimp, but not just Sabalo Shrimp; Avenida del Mar, Paseo Claussen and Olas Altas, to avoid this type of vehicle that double-parked and hinder the flow of vehicles “, he highlighted.

“Minimum in what is the entire strip are up to 50 daily fines for that concept,” he finally added.


The Mazatlan Post