Is Mazatlán’s Golden Zone mega speedbump going to be removed?


It will be the mayor who determines the situation of the speedbump; Given this, Edgar González Zatarain asks society to behave with caution and reiterated his position that this is not a “stop” but a pedestrian crossing

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Lack of signage on the roads of Mazatlán are some of the factors that have generated various mishaps in the city, such as on Camarón Sábalo avenue, where the pedestrian crossing is located, which for the secretary of the Mazatlán City Council, is not classified as a stop.

Edgar González Zatarain added that it is necessary to improve the way society conducts and with this they seek, together with the State Highway and Transportation Directorate, to expand signaling at some critical accident points, he also said that in many of these mishaps, large-scale travel speed and under the influence of alcohol, are the main factors.

Pedestrian crossing in golden zone is under observation: Secretary of the City Council

“We are in observance that this works correctly, and the mayor will determine why he had announced to be able to put those pedestrian crossings at different points, if not that does not work because obviously you may not put them, but that is a decision that the mayor will make “.

González Zatarain emphasized that they are observing what decision the mayor will make regarding the “mega speedbump”, as it is known by society, he also added that in the case of pedestrian traffic lights in the place, they seek action to improve the passage of people and made the call to drivers to circulate around the place regulating speed.


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