Do you have your designated driver? Mazatlan will have roving alcohol checkpoints


MAZATLÁN.- After the accidents that occurred during the Christmas holidays in the town, the deputy director of Municipal Transit in Mazatlan, Jorge Samuel Alvarado Illustrious, pointed out that they will seek to close the year with a white balance, for that reason they will put strategic alcohol checkpoints across the city.  

He said there will be three surprise points, but made it clear that they will also be moving from place to catch red-handed people who do not respect municipal traffic measures.   

Alvarado Illustrious reported that the operation will start earlier than normal with the sole intention of being able to cover more sites in the port and prevent an accident, especially to raise awareness.

“Right now he only operates one breathalyzer, but during the New Year’s Eve there will be three moving. We will be working with all available personnel and measures will be reinforced throughout the city with surprise operations, “he added. 

The commander said that around 50 fines are applied to the breathalyzer, Rafael Buelna avenue being the most recurrent point since it is one of the busiest roads by people.  

Before concluding, he urged the population to have a designated driver during the New Year’s Eve festivities in case of ingesting any alcoholic beverage and to respect traffic signs when driving.

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