They bet on the Topolobampo-Texas route to detonate the northern zone


Secretary of Economy meets with the mayors of Choix and El Fuerte, as well as with businessmen and entrepreneurs from both municipalities to join forces.

EL FUERTE.- The Secretary of Economy, Javier Gaxiola Coppel, met with businessmen and entrepreneurs from the productive sectors of Choix and El Fuerte to listen and attend to their proposals first-hand, in whose meetings he assured that the Topolobampo-Texas route will detonate the regional tourism and trade. 

In Choix, the state official held a meeting with the mayor Amalia Gastélum Barraza in which they discussed various issues on economic activities, as well as the way in which they will work together to promote the economic reactivation of the municipality. 

“We were in the dam and in what we want the Huites bridge to be to be able to connect with Chihuahua, we have been attending to this need in the neighboring state and we will not stop following up on it until the project to unite the two states is achieved to take advantage of the route from Topolobampo to Texas in the United States, “he said.  

He commented that the project to unite the two states, through this new highway, will detonate regional tourism, commerce and give attention to the well-being of the health of the families in the region.  

In Choix, he also met with the productive and economic sectors of the region, among them cattle ranchers, merchants, fishing cooperatives, mining, restaurateurs, tourism, hotels, and agriculture. 

“We listen to the needs, opportunities and challenges that we have in the government of Rubén Rocha Moya to attend to them and jointly with the community, take advantage of what we have in this region,” he said. 

In El Fuerte, Gaxiola Coppel spoke with Mayor Gildardo Leyva Ortega with whom he agreed on actions to improve the development of the economy in the region of that municipality.  

There he also met with sectors of the economy such as hoteliers, restaurateurs, merchants, service providers and producers of primary activities, with whom he exchanged opinions and listened to their proposals and needs.  

The state official promised to maintain an open-door Ministry of the Economy, and work for the development of the region through its training programs for women, youth, entrepreneurs, financing schemes for their businesses and companies, channels internet sales and employability, as well as equipment for small businesses that are starting up. 


The Mazatlan Post