Sinaloa volcano eruption throws magnetites onto the beaches


He reiterated the need to reactivate the Sinaloa Seismic Network to punctually monitor telluric movement.

The marine currents throw magnetites onto the beaches of Sinaloa, the product of the eruptions of the seafloor in the Gulf of California, where telluric movements of up to 6 degrees have been registered, revealed Juan Espinosa Luna.

The geophysical specialist said that the magma eruption off the coasts of Guasave and Ahome has dragged this black material along the coastline, but that it does not represent a risk to aquatic life, it does not compromise the health of the population.

Marine currents that expel that volcanic material from different latitudes towards the beaches, that even with a magnet that material sticks.

“You have not had to go to Altata, El Tambor, sometimes a strip-like black sand appears on the coastline, in reality, that black sand is volcanic ash, but very light that it cooled so fast in such a way that it is more light than the water and rose to the surface and the currents themselves carry it and leave them deposited on the coastline ”.

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The collaborating researcher at the University of Oxford pointed out that there is no specialized team in the investigation of the micro-earthquakes registered in previous days on the seabed, the product of an oceanic ridge, which emanates magma as it grows, changing the seafloor.

Faced with this scenario, Espinosa Luna urged the reactivation of the Sinaloan Seismic Network, in order to be able to record all the technical data for adequate monitoring of said tremors in the San Andrés fault.

“There is talk of a volcano because the ocean floor is not even, nor is the rupture even, it has anomalous areas that rise 50 meters, 150 meters, then according to geological criteria when you have an over-elevation due to magma greater than 50 or 60 meters already falls into the category of volcano, but it is not a volcano as we are used to on land ”.

He clarified that it is an over-elevation that is generating the magma in front of the Farallón or Pescadero basin, which is changing as the seafloor is in constant movement and evolution.


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