The “severed” monuments in Mazatlán (video)


His horns were chopped with a hacksaw, an arm was taken from another: The “severed” monuments in Mazatlán

In a tour made by Línea Directa through some of the sculptures and monuments located in the port of Mazatlán, it was possible to verify how they have suffered severe damage from some citizens who, due to mischief or malice, have cut them off.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Helpless, without movement, mute witnesses of the passing of time, remaining neutral in the face of the events of the city, as if keeping for themselves what they have had to witness over the years. This is how the sculptures seem to be, which can be seen mainly in cities, where civilization is supposed to be the one that reigns.

Fernando Teodoro Valadés Lejarza, originally from the city of Mazatlán, was a pianist and bolero singer, better known as Fernando Valadés. A monument to his memory was dedicated to him for his career, which is located in front of the Sinaloa shield, in high waves and which he earned thanks to his talent, but they did not respect this work and stole one of his main tools with which wrote his songs and with what stood out in life: his pen. This was some time ago and it has never been answered.

Mazatlán is a land of deer and the image of this living being is one of the icons that represent this city; It is so beloved that the baseball team of this town bears his name, but these were not enough reasons for the monument to the deer or better known among the Mazatlecos as the deer, which is located on Avenida Leonismo Internacional, in front of the sports center of the UAS, they stole his horns, they chopped them up with a hacksaw. In this case, a person was detained by security elements, after they caught him doing this damage.

The Queen of the Seas, which is located on one side of the Sánchez Taboada esplanade, is perhaps the most affected sculpture since they robbed Cupid that was placed at his feet, at the same time they also took part of an arm and recently his fin as well. It was removed from her, but she remains firm, with her gaze to the horizon without decaying, as if forgiving those who harmed her and understanding that barbarism as reigns.

The artistic, archaeological, and historical monuments are the footprint of what we were, are, and will leave the world, we forget that by trying to damage them we affect our history and image as a people.

The law establishes that the punishment for whoever commits this type of crime will be sanctioned with 3 to 12 years in prison, and if the case warrants it, the confiscation of the respective pieces. Some of the behaviors linked to this crime are:

  • The damage, alteration or destruction of any archaeological, artistic or historical zone, monument or piece. 
  • The illegal seizure of any archaeological, historical or artistic furniture.
  • The purchase or sale of an archaeological piece of furniture.


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