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Shake the blanket! Violinist and Black Widow spiders seek “warm homes” and increase bites

They can be hidden between your blankets, shoes, jackets and in those dark but warm areas, so beware, to shake the bed and check very well what you are going to wear.

Sinaloa.- They are stealthy, they look for warm and dark areas to hide, and if they feel attacked, they do so with their highly lethal poison that has left many people lifeless or irreversibly damaged. 

They are the Violinist and Black Widow spiders, two of the most dangerous, and that during the winter they can search from your blankets, shoes, jackets, hats, and even socks to hide. 

Its presence increases inside homes during winter, since low temperatures lead them to seek warm places to establish their “homes”, therefore the incidence of bites also increases among the inhabitants of the houses.

The power of its venom is such that the symptoms after the bite of this type of spiders can cause central nervous system affections, and destruction of red blood cells, so that children, older adults, pregnant women, and everyone in itself, may be at serious risk of being affected. 

What are the symptoms after a Black Widow spider bite?
The bite of a black widow spider causes abdominal pain, sweating, chest pain, cramps, and a burning sensation in the area of ​​the bite because the effect is neurotoxic and affects the central nervous system. If there is no timely medical attention and if it is allowed to evolve, it can cause the failure of vital organs and cause death.

What are the symptoms after a Fiddler spider bite?
The bite or sting of the violinist spider is very dangerous, since it causes immediate cell death in the tissue, with high proteolytic and necrotic activity. The main symptoms of a fiddler spider bite do not differ from other insect bites:

• Redness and swelling occur.
• Intense stinging in the area of ​​the bite.
• Probable numbness of the limb or the area where it has been bitten, which is caused by a slight lack of blood supply due to inflammation.
• Edema also usually occurs at the site of the bite.

In severe cases, and due to proteolytic activity, tissue necrosis can occur, giving rise to a black eschar. Likewise, systemic symptoms common to other poisoning processes may occur fever, tachycardia, nausea, vomiting, headache. In these cases, symptoms usually start within 24 hours. Although it may seem like a long time, it is best to go to a medical center as soon as possible, since the symptoms can get worse. 

So before going to bed, when you change, put on your hat, cap, or shoes, or put your hand in the bag, first shake the clothes or objects well, since a spider could get scared, sharpen its fangs, bite you and introduce its deadly poison into your body.


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