Mazatlan vacation rental demand increased in 2021


In the summer of this year, accommodation in apartments and houses occupied 27%, against 16% in 2019

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Vacation rentals are gaining space in Mazatlán, since in the last four years it has grown by 24%, revealed the president of the Tres Islas Hotels Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez.

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He stated that, according to the 2021 summer tourist satisfaction survey, 27% of tourists who arrived at the destination stayed in apartments or houses.

He explained that in the questionnaires applied in the summer of 2017, this type of accommodation occupied 3%, in 2018 it increased to 15%, in 2019 to 16% and in 2021 it grew to 27%.

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“Vacation rentals are gaining space, that means 27% of the total, and that implies the importance of being able to generate legislative regulation that in turn can translate into healthy competition between hotels, apartments, and condominiums,” he said.

The study applied by the Tres Islas Hotel Association adds that the average stay in tourist rental was 6.2 days, against 6.6 in 2019.

Young people use it the most and 64% do so directly with the owner; the rest is done through an application.

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As for the average payment per night for tourist rent in the summer, it was 2,133 pesos, against 2,501 in hotels and most tourists who choose this type of accommodation do so because it is cheaper, due to the type of stay, because they did not find available rooms in a hotel, among others.

The survey also reveals that 61% of vacationers make the reservation in less than a month and only 39% months in advance.

In this segment of tourists, 43% arrive in Mazatlán in their vehicle, 21% by bus, and 27% use the plane, while those who arrive at a hotel, 73% do so by air, 79% by bus, and 57% by vehicle.


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