They set an example of professionalism! They show the best face of the GOTER policemen in Ahome


The police elements assigned to preventive work in the rural area of ​​the municipality did not hesitate to support very specific cases that involved tourists and agricultural laborers. What did they do?

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Elements of the Rural Special Tactical Operations Group (GOTER) show their professionalism and empathy, by supporting not only their surveillance functions but preventive aptrols in the communities of the municipality of Ahome, but also, for their humanity and solidarity with the people who require their help.

This Tuesday, they did not hesitate to support a group of agricultural workers who were cleaning bean crops in the El Bule ejido, belonging to the Higuera de Zaragoza syndicate and, at the end of their day, they found that the unit in which They would be transferred to their homes, in Las Grullas Margen Izquierda, did not turn on.

The municipal police officers, who realized what had happened and approached to offer support, did not hesitate to transfer them aboard the patrol cars to the fishing field.

Subsequently, GOTER elements also showed solidarity with a family of foreign tourists who, from Florida, United States, traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and due to GPS failures they ended up lost in the community of Tabelojeca.

The agents approached when noticing that they were puzzled; After chatting with them, they noticed what the problem was and escorted them to Mexico 15 highway to continue on their way safely. 

The good actions were made known through social networks, in which people recognized the dedication and professionalism of the agents

It should be noted that the work carried out by the GOTER elements is rarely visible because their work focuses entirely on the rural area, however, according to the residents of the receivership of Higuera de Zaragoza and Ahome, day by day they carry out this type of action that is rarely disclosed.


The Mazatlan Post