Mazatlan’s jumapam suspends 10 real estate projects for non-payment


For not paying the feasibility and connection rights procedures, during the last week 10 real estate projects were suspended, reported the Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Mazatlán (Jumapam).

“The Commercial management is working, fighting the debt on the connection rights in developments, which are not covered, likewise, in the search for clandestine connections, this with the aim of reducing the water that is not invoiced and eliminating the lag that currently exists in the payment of connection rights, ”said Abraham Alfonso Ávalos Osuna, Jumapam’s commercial manager.

The official highlighted that only last Saturday six developments were suspended and on Monday another four, which had not covered the connection rights, despite the fact that they are in very advanced stages of work and commercialization, some are already placing the finishes, but still not ordered in terms of drinking water and drainage, reported the paramunicipal through a statement.

“They are developers who have already had a certain approach, to generate compliance with the obligations,” said Ávalos Osuna, who stated that Jumapam will continue with these activities, which are aimed at ordering new projects and avoiding problems for the buyers of these developments.


The Mazatlan Post