Businessman Jaime Coppel Corvera dies in Mazatlan


The businessman ceased to exist this Tuesday; survived by his children and grandchildren.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Jaime Coppel Corvera, 89, a visionary businessman from Mazatlán, ceased to exist this Tuesday. In social networks, among porteños, his death caused pain and a show of affection and solidarity for his surviving relatives.

Jaime Coppel Corvera is considered one of the men who not only devised, but also contributed, and pushed the progress of Mazatlán in the second half of the 20th century and by some considered one of the few survivors of those times.

Known for his charisma, his kindness to his employees, for being a promoter of culture, and an altruistic heart, Don Jaime was the owner of the La Siesta hotel in Olas Altas and a restaurant owner, in addition to being the owner of the textile factory located in Villa Unión, that is now in ruins, but that in the years of the Mexican Revolution was an important source of jobs in the south of the state.

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Don Jaime, along with his friend Jesús Juárez, exploited the restaurant industry in Mazatlán with the successful Shrimp Bucket, where Carlos Anderson’s successful chain began in 1963, and Señor Frogs, which marked an era in the sun and beach destination for several decades and that nowadays they are a successful franchise in tourist destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Tenerife, and the United States, according to some close friends and chronicles of their friends.

Senor Frogs - Picture of El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel, Mazatlan - Tripadvisor

Don Jaime, the visionary man, also bet on the hotel service that although retired from business, he maintained contact with what today are administered by his sons Jaime and Santiago.

Jaime Coppel Corvera is survived by his children Maru, Mayita, Santiago, and Jaime, as well as grandchildren and other family members. He was the brother of the mother of former governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

Rest in peace Don Jaime Coppel Corvera, The Mazatlan Post express our condolences to your loved ones.

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