Last Chance 4 Earth Mazatlan seeks volunteers


Through Last Chance 4 Earth (The Last Chance for the Planet), the environmentalist Gabriel Madero Robles raises people’s awareness and also sells products that are friendly to nature.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- “ As long as we do not begin to change for ourselves, that we are more interested in caring for the environment, no one else will, we can clean and clean the beaches, but if it does not matter to people, a week they will be the same ”, assured the environmentalist Gabriel Madero Robles, a member of the company Last Chance 4 Earth (The Last Opportunity for the Planet).

Last Chance 4 Earth is a company with a broad social level that is dedicated to educating people in caring for the environment, in addition to selling environmentally friendly products, and donates 10 percent of its sales to Associations Legado Azul, a Mazatlan organization that seeks to conserve marine life such as dolphinswhales and the largest animals in the sea.

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Madero Robles explains that part of what they do is education and to teach people about the ecological situation, cleaning beaches, as well as environmental education workshops to involve society and that everyone is part of this.

In Mazatlán, they carried out a clean-up on the Olas Altas beach, where several organizations participated. In less than an hour, they collected 12 kilograms of waste such as cigarette butts, Styrofoam packaging, lids, and pieces of plastic.

Last Chance 4 Earth is an organization that started in the summer of 2020, made up of two people, Gabriel Madero Robles and Tita Robles, as well as ambassadors.

It markets products as an alternative to single-use plastics, such as thermos as an option to replace plastic bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo swabs, bamboo dental floss, bamboo covers set, which is what they are handling.

“People are responding well to these products, it has cost us a bit because these products can be more expensive than products that are not biodegradable, but people are responding very well especially with thermos and bamboo products have been sold to hotels and hospitals and there he goes little by little ”, explained the environmentalist.

But not only in Mazatlán, they carry out ecological activities, but also in the Caribbean, in the port of Cozumel, where they carry out the restoration of corals, and a part of the profits goes to another organization called Cozumel Coral Reef Restauration.

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Madero Robles called on people to become more involved in caring for the environment and avoid the use of single-use plastics.

“It seeks to make people aware, but we are the change, cleaning beaches is a never-ending story, because if people do not change their habits, every week they will be dirty,” lamented the businessman and environmentalist.

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