AMAV CDMX signs an agreement with Mazatlán to promote the destination


The Mexican Association of Travel Agencies of Mexico City (AMAV CDMX) signed a collaboration agreement with the municipality of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, to strengthen tourism activity in the destination.

When celebrating his end-of-year dinner in person, the president of the AMAV CDMX, Julián Arroyo, specified that the agreement will link the providers of tourist services in Mazatlán with the partners of the organization he heads.

AMAV CDMX will be an active channel for promoting and marketing the destination to the national and international market, Arroyo highlighted.

The Secretary of Tourism for Mazatlán, Ricardo Jesús Velarde, commented: “We have many projects for Mazatlán and we are sure that with the help of travel agents, the destination will continue to position itself among travelers.”

During the event, AMAV CDMX’s commitment to work together for 2022 was reiterated. In the months that tourism was stopped due to the pandemic, the association maintained constant training programs for members in search of providing them with tools for when tourism restarted. .

In addition, the linking activities between the companies that are part of the association have been a constant, which results in a merged and strengthened group.

“Today the AMAV is a solid and consistent association in which we are not competitors, but a team that works to reactivate and strengthen the travel industry,” said Julián Arroyo, who thanked each of the active members for their support and work. 

The event was also attended by personalities such as René Negrete, president of the Mexican Association of Adventure Tourism (AMTAVE); Armando Culebro, president of the COPARMEX CDMX Tourism Commission; Rubí López, president of the COPARMEX Tourism Commission of the State of Mexico; and Giovanny Melgar Hernández, general director of the Tourism Promotion Institute of the CDMX Secretary of Tourism.

To carry it out, they had the support of María Adela Alonso, from the Hotel Benidorm; Juan Antonio Gasca from Helite City; Carolina Díaz from La Chilanguita; Claudia Baza from Opertravel Mexico; Edgar García de Vive tu fin; Karla Manzano from Aeromar; Nuria Maldonado from Viajes Beyou; Milay Nogueira from Vive Frida; José Carlos Báez from Grupo Bazal; Israel Campos from KW Travel, and Agustín Maya from Live-Performing.


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