Places where it snows in Sinaloa


If we think about the climate of Sinaloa, surely the last thing that comes to mind is snow, since this state is distinguished by its warm climate even in winter. Today we show you some places where the winter season can surprise us and show us a white landscape like a movie. 


The Badiraguato mountain range is distinguished by its temperate climate and wooded nature, it is one of the few places where snow can fall during winter. At the beginning of 2020, the communities of Santa Gertrudis, Buena Vista, and Puerto de la Esperanza were covered in white with the falling snow. 

Surutato is another of the places where snow can fall, which can be enjoyed in the middle of the tranquility of the forest and in its cabins. 

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San Ignacio 

Under the snow the Sierra de Sinaloa dawns

Like Badiraguato, in San Ignacio we can find some villages on the shores of the mountains that are covered in white during the winter, such as Ejido California, a place near Durango. 

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It is one of the most mysterious municipalities in the state, its great extension keeps incredible little-known landscapes. It is one of the places in Sinaloa where temperatures in summer exceed 40 degrees, but in winter they drop below zero degrees, providing a climate suitable for snow. 

Communities such as San Pantaleón, El Real Blanco, La Judía, and El Zapote de Madriles, are places where snowfall has also been recorded.

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