The collapse of the El Quelite Bridge affects local cheese producers


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The damage to the infrastructure of the El Quelite Bridge, which links several communities on the state highway, north of Mazatlán, has already affected dairy producers in the region, to the point of thinking of desperate acts to be able to survive.


José Antonio Lizárraga Rivera, president of the Southern Sinaloa Cheesemakers Union revealed that they had been paying for the cost of transporting their products to the port, which is higher since the only communication route is to go through Marmol, however, already it has become mission impossible.


 “The truth is, we have not raised the price cheese, we have not had an increase in anything, we want to see that next year, because the inputs have increased a lot and apart we are adding what is being spent more gasoline right now, with those 30 kilometers that we are traveling more every day, each car. -Well, practically for giving the service and not losing the clientele? – Well, we are holding on so as not to lose customers, that’s right “

Lizárraga Rivera, reported that if the situation continues like this, it is likely that next year they will have to raise the prices of their cheeses, hot milk, and derivatives.

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He regretted that to date there is no interest on the part of federal authorities to repair the collapsed bridge from ‘Nora’, a fact that keeps them with sales falling by up to 60 percent and tourist services in  El Quelite completely paralyzed since most of the visitors choose to go to La Noria.

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Given this, he said that they have already requested support from the Mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, to intercede for them with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

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The Mazatlan Post