Sinaloa increases property tax in 18 municipalities


Of the 80 percent of Sinaloa taxpayers will only pay 2.5 percent more for Urban Property Tax, a rate that is below the inflationary index.

Sinaloa.- Tuesday were approved opinions that establish unit values of the land and buildings of the 18 municipalities in the Cadastral tables for the 18 municipalities of the state benefiting those who have less, because more than 80 percent of Taxpayers will only pay 2.5 percent more for Urban Property Tax, a rate that is below the inflationary index.

It should be remembered that on Monday in extraordinary session the updating of cadastral tables of nine municipalities was approved and this Tuesday in ordinary session the legislators by majority approved those that were missing: from Ahome, Guasave, Salvador Alvarado, Navolato, Culiacán, Mazatlán, Rosario and Escuinapa. Elota did not present the unit values ​​of the soil.

The approved update rates will be 2.5 percent when the value of the land and construction is up to one million pesos; 3.0 percent when the value ranges between one million and one peso and three million; and it will be 4.0 percent when the value exceeds three million pesos.

In the second transitory article of the decrees it is established that:

“During the year 2022 the amount of the Property Tax in Urban Premises with or without construction, will be higher than the amount that corresponded to pay in 2021”, and the percentages indicated according to the values ​​are met.

It is also established that to the properties with or without construction that are integrated into the cadastral register, the rate established in article 35 of the State Municipal Finance Law will be applied.

For their part, for properties that have a cadastral value modification for reasons other than the application of the Table of Land Unit Values ​​and approved constructions, the following will be considered:

If the cadastral value of a property for the year 2022 is greater than the previous value, the rate established in article 35 of the State Municipal Finance Law will be applied to the difference between these values ​​and the resulting tax will be added to the immediate tax. above determined.

In the event that the cadastral value of any property is less than that of the previous movement, the property tax will be calculated by reducing the amount determined or paid in said movement, in the same proportion in which the cadastral value has decreased.

During the discussion of the opinions, the mayors who wanted to intervene in the rostrum were allowed, that is, they had a voice, but no vote.

The mayors of Ahome, Gerardo Vargas Landeros and Martín Ahumada, from Guasave, spoke in favor of not charging more taxes, but seeking mechanisms to make collection more efficient.

For his part, the mayor of Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, warned on the platform that if one hundred percent is not applied according to inflation, the most vulnerable population will be affected.

He warned the legislators that he will again issue a controversy, as well as criminal complaints to the legislators “for abuse of power.”

He regretted that by not approving his proposal for the six percent increase in January 2022, discounts of up to 40 percent to merchants and industrialists will be eliminated.

“If this is not corrected, and things are done wrong, we are going to be forced to remove the discounts to retirees and pensioners, because apart from lowering the deposit rate we have to give them the 80 percent discount, because we are going to leave due ”.

He attacked the deputies mainly those of Morena, whom he described as traitors, because he said that they are looking for their political future, ensuring that he will renounce any aspiration, because he does not care about the political cost, what he wants is for it to go. good to Culiacán.

He assured that if there are no resources to bring welfare to society in public works and payment to workers, the state will be ungovernable, therefore, he said that he appeals to the dignity of the deputies so that they vote conscientiously and not as tell them not to be sheep, especially the deputies of Morena.


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