Mayor of Mazatlán is ranked among the 10 best in Mexico


In September it reached a citizen approval of 60.4 percent

MAZATLÁN.- Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres is in the top 10 of the best-evaluated mayors in Mexico, with 61.7 percent public approval, according to the December report from the Mitofsky Group website

According to said publication, mayor Benitez occupies the 9th place of the 100 qualified municipal presidents and is the third of the Morena Party at the national level, after mayors Jonathan Ávalos Rodríguez, from Francisco I. Madero, Coahuila; and Armando Ayala Robles, from Ensenada, Baja California.

According to the survey, 61.7 percent of those surveyed approve of the administration of the Mazatlan mayor, only 1.3 percent disapprove of it, and 37 percent do not know or did not answer.

Benítez Torres went from 14th to 9th place from September to December. The highest approval was achieved in December 2020, with 65.3 although it was ranked 11th out of the 100 highest-rated mayors in the country.

According to Mitofsky’s ranking, first place is occupied by Manolo Jiménez Salinas, from Saltillo, Coahuila, with 71.4 approval.

He is also the only municipal president of Sinaloa located in the top 10, which includes four municipalities from Coahuila, one from CDMX, one from Tamaulipas, one from Yucatán, one from Morelos, and one from Baja California.

It should be remembered that the mayor of Mazatlán last September reached a citizen approval of 60.4 percent.

During his tenure, the port of Mazatlán has obtained several awards, including the Leading Destination Mexico in the World Travel Awards 2021, in October.

In addition, Mazatlán has stood out over other tourist destinations in the economic reactivation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government of Chemist Benítez was also a pioneer in the realization of the MZTourist App, to help tourists move around the city, for which it has also received awards.


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