Grupo Coppel wins four awards at the Mexico City Crystal Screen Festival for the Coppel Celebra 80 Years campaign


The Sinaloan company celebrates eight decades of being part of the history of Mexico; the campaign featured the special participation of the renowned actress Cecilia Suárez

Sinaloa. With the Coppel Celebra 80 years campaign, which pays tribute to the families who made possible the stories of success, work and improvement of the company’s clients and collaborators, Grupo Coppel won four awards at the Crystal Screen Festival, Mexico City 2021.

The award was given to the Sinaloan company in the categories of Best Commercial Advertisement, Best Creative-Script, Best Screen Character and Brand Image, and Best Director.

The Best Ad award was awarded to the commercial Coppel Celebra 80 years in the category of Television and Internet Ads. The award for Best Commercial Creative Script went to the Department of Communication and Content and Andino Films.

The Crystal Screen Festival Mexico City recognizes the best films, documentaries, video clips, television and internet advertisements, fiction shorts, news reports, fiction series and corporate videos.

The Coppel campaign celebrates 80 years expresses the pride of the Sinaloan company for being part of the history of Mexico, by turning a family project into the favorite omnichannel and financial services company of Mexicans. It currently has the trust of more than 12 million active clients, thanks to the service, warmth and work of its collaborators.

Awards obtained by Grupo Coppel at the Crystal Screen Festival

Mexico City:

Best Commercial Advertisement

Best Script-Creative

Best Screen Character and Brand Image

Best Director

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