Damián, the boy who played Juan Diego at the Fiesta de las Velas in Cosalá


The Aragón Corrales family is faithful to the Virgin of Guadalupe and this year, instead of pilgrimage, they gave it a twist that captivated everyone

COSALÁ.- The Candle Festival in the Magic Town of Cosalá stopped the activities of its people, the streets were illuminated and the faithful to the Virgin of Guadalupe made a pilgrimage throughout the municipality welcoming December 12.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

But it was the Aragón Corrales family that gave this day a twist, as Damián, a 9-year-old boy, became Juan Diego, that parishioner to whom the Virgin appeared in the Cerro del Tepeyac, captivating everyone the one who passed down the street.

“Every year we go on pilgrimage, we walk with everyone, but now the uncles came up with this idea and he accepted it, no buts, because he likes it and takes his role very seriously,” said his mother.

And it is that Damián was not even distracted by all the people who approached and took photos and videos, the eyes of the Cosaltecas and the tourists were on him, managing to be part of the most representative festival of the municipality.

His uncle Alfredo Corrales said that the idea was not even planned, there were no rehearsals, everything was spontaneous, but always with the idea of ​​paying tribute to tradition but above all to the “brunette.”

“We are very believers in the Virgin of Guadalupe, he too, and as a family this unites us and makes the tradition we have not lost,” he said.

It is enough to see Damien’s eyes to believe in his faith, his gaze always towards the Virgin, he does not play, he does not look for his mother, among so many people it seems that he is living the precise moment that Catholic history tells when Juan Diego raised the Cerro del Tepeyac.

Source: punto.mx

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