Mazatlan business chamber issues alert for counterfeit money


The National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mazatlán, indicated that these are the dates where the flow of this type of currency is most perceived, causing losses in business income.

MAZATLAN. – This month the flow of money in the shops moves like hotcakes and before this, there is the risk that they receive false bills or that the customer gets a bad taste in their mouths receiving one.  

Due to this, the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mazatlán, Roberto Lem González, called on all merchants to take care of these bills and to invest in devices that verify their functionality.  

“We have to carefully review all the elements of the banknotes, which the Bank of Mexico marks us, to be able to identify that they are true, that there is no problem and especially the call to verify it,” he declared.  

The strongest days

Lem González pointed out that they will be touring the businesses to remind the partners to check the notes or even coins well, not to fall into these errors and thus not harm themselves, especially during the increase in customers, which are common between the days of 20 the same December 24 or 29 and 31 of this month.  

“I believe that all the measures that they could implement such as special ink markers to identify counterfeit bills, ultraviolet lights, there are already many things that help you verify the bills,” he said.  

Also, he urged to review the official website of the Bank of Mexico and review the security measures that the banknotes have and thus, learn them by heart, that is, what symbols each banknote has, holograms, reliefs, sizes, and design, trusting that With that, do not fall into the hands of fraud either.  

So far, Canaco does not have a record of any business that has reported the receipt of counterfeit bills, but they will remain vigilant.  

The Mazatlan Post