At least 10 Mazatlan subdivisions began construction without permits


The Mazatlán Urban Planning and Development Directorate explained that developers venture out without going to ask for permits and when they have the contracts on top of it, that’s when they go to request them, but that’s not the way things are.

MAZATLAN. – Throughout Mazatlán we are seeing condominium or apartment towers being built, let alone the subdivisions, however, the Urban Planning and Development direction has the record that at least 10 of these developments do not have permits.  

The director Jorge Estavillo Kelly, mentioned that, between the months of September and October, 14 new subdivisions were approved, these same ones, are those that, due to experience, approach and process everything with time, the rest leave everything to the last, one time they have problems with buyers.  

“We have detected at least around 10 projects that do not have authorization, some others are presented after being detected or when they already have a strong commitment, that is, they have made a lot of sale of the project and cannot begin to build or deed if they do not have authorization ”, he declared.  

Estavillo Kelly recommended that buyers pay attention to these types of details, to guarantee them from the beginning the feasibility of liquidation and the facilities of deeds, because due to the lack of permits, the procedures become more complicated and long for them. , all due to the irresponsibility of the developers.  

Most of these subdivisions are located in the north, an area that is growing in tourism, condominium, neighborhood, commercial and industrial matters, and seeing so much property alone, it is easy for them to build to leave the permits later.  

“Some begin to promote them without first having prior authorization, that we have been detecting, they do not do it from the beginning as it should be, they present themselves to see what they can do and start promoting,” he said.  

The municipal official emphasized that the municipality is not against the growth of housing, new subdivisions, as long as they are under the corresponding permits, since many factors have to be analyzed, including the quality of the property and land use, that is not an invaded terrain and that the developers are formal.  

For the area of ​​Cerritos and La Peche Rice, at least five subdivisions or more are already seen in construction progress, homes that are sold with the privilege of capital gains, but above all quality, in gated communities, with surveillance, swimming pools and houses of two floors and up to three or four bedrooms.  


The Mazatlan Post