Mazatlan road and transportation goes after polluting taxis


The state subdelegate for Roads and Transportation, Mario González, said that they are going with energy against taxi drivers or public transport servers with highly polluting units and loud music.

He clarified that at the moment warnings and awareness will be made, but from December 15 onwards there will be fines and sanctions according to the regulations and the Mobility Law. He indicated that there were 235 calls for attention over the weekend.

To the reporters’ questions, the state official said that the Highway and Transportation page is available to make complaints and already Article 398 applies heavy financial penalties that can range from 10,000 to 40,000 pesos.

The former local deputy said there will also be severe fines for taxi drivers and wheel workers who charge exaggerated rates on the service. He reported that complaints can be made immediately and through the aforementioned page.

The so-called “Capi” González was interviewed this morning at the opening ceremony of the public security operation for Christmas and New Years.


The Mazatlan Post