Are you going to Mazatlan’s Yaki Fest 2021 and Cycle Tour 2021? find out where and when


They seek to guarantee the safety of attendees

MAZATLÁN.- Everything is ready so that this Wednesday, December 1, the Yaki Fest 2021, an event that will bring together artists of the regional genre at the Convention Center, as well as Cycle Tour 2021, next December 11.

During the logistics and coordination meeting prior to both events, the Secretary of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic, Commissioner Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, stressed that in the biosafety operations all the necessary sanitary and security measures will be in place, since the objective The main thing is that attendees enjoy the musical event and the sports fair, in the best way.

“We have to be aware of all this, that a white balance comes out, that people come to have fun since we understand that people from the United States come, people from various states of the Republic, so we have to be aware of all that “, He specified.

For his part, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, coordinator of Municipal Civil Protection, said that both events must comply with all biosafety measures, in order to ensure that they run smoothly.

“It is a great show from which there will be many invited artists, therefore we invite citizens who intend to attend this great event, the event begins at 12 noon and ends apparently around 12 at night, We must go to enjoy this great event and above all collaborate with the corresponding preventive actions ”, he added.


Regarding the eleventh edition of the Cycle Tour 2021, it will take place on December 11 and will be attended by about 2,000 cyclists from different states of the Mexican Republic.


The Mazatlan Post