5 advantages of a customs agency for your company

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Having an experienced customs agency will always offer great advantages, one of them is obtaining legal support during the import or export process.

In essence, a customs agency has a great purpose: to support companies in everything related to foreign trade in three circumstances: import, export and release retained merchandise.

Therefore, some advantages of having a customs agency are the following:

  • Regulation of all customs procedures.
  • Preparation and presentation of the merchandise declarations.
  • Adequate classification of goods in the tariff nomenclature.
  • Verification before customs of the correct declaration of quantity, quality and value of the merchandise.
  • Advice on the procedure and requirements that must be met for customs clearance of goods.

Services offered by a customs agency

Regarding the choice of the services of a customs agency, it is advisable to choose with the account with experience, professionalism, but above all the one that gives you confidence and legal certainty.

Some customs agencies specialize in certain industries or sectors, for example: importing from China, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, spare parts, among others.

At Grupo Bolt Agencia Aduanal, we have the infrastructure and sufficient experience to improve your foreign trade processes by offering services such as:

• Import to Mexico

• Change of customs regime

• Customs declaration

• Customs Agent

• Customs clearance of goods

• Logistics

• Storage and distribution

• Transport

• Export of Products

• Import of Merchandise

• List of importers

• Customs trading company

• Release of retained merchandise

• Regulations

• Foreign trade audit

• Foreign trade advice

• Among other solutions …

We focus on serving companies that require an agile, personalized, efficient and uncomplicated service. Check our services.

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