The “white house” of Sinaloa being raffled in December, has 11 bedrooms!


What else does the mansion have that will be raffled off with the National Lottery? Check out all the details of the Grand Prize Draw 252; the house is a marvel on the seashore and has everything you can imagine and more!

Sinaloa.- It is a true beauty located on the seashore; From your patio, pool, or gardens you will be able to see the sunrise or sunset like no one else! and in addition, it has plenty for a family to live comfortably and even with visits included. 

And here is everything that has the so-called “white house” that can be yours if you bet on luck with the National Lottery and buy the little bit of 250 pesos. Take note and imagine everything you can do there, or with it. 


  • Lotenal DrawThis is the “white house” of 28 million pesos that the Lotenal will raffle on December 5. It’s in Sinaloa!

• It has 11 bedrooms with bathrooms, all of them! 

• Large kitchen and dining room TV room and office

Pool, terrace with velaria

Green areas
Service area and cellar

Perimeter fence and parking lot with covered garages and it can fit several!

The little ranch with the white house included is located, and take good note so that you can visualize how the receipt of the light that would arrive at your new mansion will look like: Carretera Escuiniapa-Teacapan km 14.5, Escuinapa, Sinaloa 

It is a type of house-room property, with a land area of ​​12,828.82 m2 to hold parties for birthdays, Christmas, New Years, for Easter or simply to spend time with friends, which for sure, there will be many. 

The land has a construction area of ​​1,478 m2, which is that, the “white house” with 11 bedrooms, a TV room, a large kitchen for you to prepare the menudo and the pozole for the parties or the ceviches to enjoy an afternoon Of summer. 

And very importantly, the total value of the prize in-kind and cash is 28 million 956 thousand pesos, and well if it does a lot for you that you like smaller houses because cleaning them is very tiring, you can either rent it or sell it, and you get the money, of course much more than the 250 you invested for the raffle. 

But remember that this is the main prize, if you do not win it, you will still have the opportunity to win one of the three cash prizes of 5 million pesos, or one of the 200 tourist lots with a value of 1,244 million pesos, or the Refunds so that you do not lose the 250 pesos of the little piece you bought, or also one of the 20 thousand cash prizes that add up to more than 297 million pesos. 

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