Mexico’s, Sea of Cortez states will have their own cruise ship


The Sinaloa governor described that this cruise ship will depart from Puerto Peñasco, in the State of Sonora, making stops in Guaymas, Santa Rosalía de la Paz, in Baja California, continuing through Topolobampo and Mazatlán, in Sinaloa and later San Blas and Islas Marías.

Sinaloa and four other states that are located in the Sea of ​​Cortez will have a cruise that will navigate the entire Gulf of California.

In his press conference, called the “semanera” and now his turn in Mazatlán, Rocha Moya was accompanied by the state secretary of Tourism, Rosario Torres, and Juan de Dios Gámez, coordinator of Social Programs of the state, and where Torres estimated that Sinaloa will have a good year in tourism as it is estimated to exceed four million tourists.

Rosario Torres made a brief report of the more than 20 days that she has been in the Ministry of Tourism and pointed out that in these three weeks she has met with representatives of all sectors that have to do with tourism in the state and that are scheduled many public and private investments. He reported that national and international flights and passengers have been recovered, especially from the United States and Canada.

This year may end with the arrival of about 65 cruise ships, but it is projected that by 2022 the figures will improve and reach up to 160 arrivals of major shipping companies. He also reported on the achievements in the recent Tourism Tianguis in the city of Mérida, Yucatán, where the Chepe Expres route was recognized and even the federal secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, spoke of Mazatlán with the new Aquarium that will be one of the great attractions of the northwest of the country and an “anchor for more tourism.”

Although the state governor did not mention all the states, it is understood that it will be Sinaloa, Sonora, Baja Norte, and Baja Sur, in addition to Nayarit, which will have that cruise.

The governors began talks with each other and with the  Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, which proposed putting together a project that will be analyzed starting in October.

“They already have a design and they say they have already developed proposals, we agreed that they would present us with a proposal and when they finish it they will show it to us” he said.

The routes will be established by the Secretary of the Navy, but the economic plan from an external company, since there is the possibility that the project is of a mixed nature, explained Rocha Moya.


It should be noted how last July, the governors of these 5 northwestern states of the country met in a Pacific Alliance: “Mexican Northwest in Transformation”, which agreed on a joint work agenda that includes points such as:

  • Create an agenda for sustainable development and natural resources in the region
  • Create a regional tourism project
  • Create regional strategic intelligence agency
  • Create a regional financial intelligence agency
  • Work with Conapesca to design a fishing exploitation program
  • Create a regional infrastructure program
  • Boost agribusiness
  • Promote public policies to share state services
  • Create a police university
  • Regulate the initiatives and social projects of the Presidency

Regarding this alliance, the economist and professor, Dr. Jorge Rafael Figueroa Elenes considered that it will surely enhance the joint use of the vast natural, human and infrastructure resources available to the region.

When making herself known, Figueroa Elenes considered three points to take into account regarding interstate collaboration for the social development of the region:

  • First.  Starting from an adequate diagnosis before establishing its objectives and goals, and then moving on to the design of strategies that should precede the establishment of policies that will include joint programs and projects. 
  • Second.  That the programs derived from this strategy and their respective managers are explicitly indicated in the State Development Plans of all the federative entities involved. 
  • Third.  That institutional and legal mechanisms and instruments be created to ensure that the Pacific Alliance’s agenda  : “Mexican Northwest in Transformation”  has a transsexenal character and overcomes the temptation to deviate or abandon the cause that is giving rise to it.


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