Top Considerations to Make When Buying a Custom Cake


Cakes have always been essential components of most celebration events and occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations ceremonies, or Christmas. Even with other kinds of foods and drinks, cake cutting is the moment that defines the event, and it is the part that brings everyone present together. A cake is a sign of happiness and is, therefore, signifies whether the celebration becomes outstanding or is just another ordinary ceremony. Therefore, in whatever celebration ceremony you are hosting, there is a great need to be pretty cautious and keen when purchasing the cake for that event. For that reason, this article has prepared for you some of the essential factors that you should keep in mind when purchasing a custom cake for a ceremony.

  1. The Size of the Cake

The size of the cake you want to buy is mainly influenced by the number of guests that you expect for your celebration ceremony. Therefore, before you order one from iPantry cakes or whatever bakery you intend to buy from, ensure that you have an estimate of the total number of guests you expect to be in attendance. If you expect a few guests, roughly ten attendees, a small cake will be enough. However, if you expect many visitors to be in attendance, for example at a wedding or a graduation ceremony, it would be necessary for you to buy a big cake. In such an event, purchasing several small cakes might be the best idea. This would be beneficial if you expect some people to carry some cake home.

  • Your Budget 

However crucial the cake is in making a successful and memorable celebration, custom cakes can be pretty expensive. Typically, the price of a custom cake is determined by its size, the type of flavor used, the complexity of its design, and the number of floral decorations. A practical way of spending less money on a custom cake would be ordering a small custom cake and getting many sheet cakes or cupcakes for each guest in attendance. In addition, you could visit several bakeries to compare their prices and select the most affordable one. Before you buy the cake, it is vital to have a budget that will guide you on the type and size of cake to buy. That budget will prevent you from purchasing a costly cake with money meant for other essential projects.

  • The Cake’s Design and Flavor

As the owner of the event, you are the one who decides the design that you want the cake to have. When you consider the cake’s design, you will be concerned about the texture, topper, color scheme, and overall style. If you do not have a particular design in mind, you may crosscheck several designs on various cake-making websites or social media platforms.

Consequently, you will be responsible for selecting the cake’s flavor, which is challenging considering that different people have allergies to specific flavors. Some of the familiar flavors to choose from include strawberry, caramel, chocolate, and vanilla.


There is no doubt that the process of buying a perfect custom cake is pretty challenging. However, you could utilize the above tips and make a wiser decision. Visit iPantry for some of the tastiest and most affordable cakes.

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