Mazatlán has the potential to be a concert tourism destination


José Gámez Valle, Marketing Director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies, specified that Mazatlán has to take advantage of popularity to improve the visitor profile and ‘tie up’ large hotel chains

MAZATLÁN.- Can you imagine that in Mazatlan there was an annual Corona Capital or Pa’l Norte style festival? And what international artists like Coldplay will perform with an ocean view? For José Gámez Valle, Marketing Director of the Association, it is possible but it takes time to achieve it.

He mentioned that there are several factors that have to be worked on, increasing the hotel rooms, that is, “tying up” the investment of hotel chains, but also, a scenario that is attractive both for this type of artist, that is touristy and that attracts to people from all over the country.

“We have to set this as a goal and that implies that we provide better service, that the facilities in the hotels are renovated, updated, offer high-level tours, training to collaborators,” he declared.

Gámez Valle explained that concerts with groups such as Metallica, Gus n ‘Roses, ACDC, and even soloists such as Bruno Mars or Adele are not for a stadium stage like Teodoro Mariscal or Kraken, since the audience it is aimed at is different, That’s why they look for destinations like Cancun or Los Cabos.

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Kraken Mazatlan


Because what is sold in these types of segments is the tourist image as a plus, in addition, for the number of people who let themselves come to a concert like these, thousands of more rooms are required, not just apartments.

Events with large spill but smaller size

The tourist promoter remarked that the Jazz Festival in Mazatlán is about 10 years, an event that has already been held, achieving an occupancy of approximately 175 rooms, which, if it continues, will gain a lot of strength and triple its occupancy in the following years.

“We are about to close the jaz festival for 10 years for Mazatlán, the first year there were 175 rooms, the second year we are also waiting for 800 rooms, because destiny conquers,” he remarked.


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