Sinaloa weather combo? November 12th weather outlook


The temperatures woke up low, so either trust yourself and take your precautions since respiratory diseases are the order of the day

Sinaloa- A climate “combo” will register this Friday, November 12, in the state of Sinaloa, with low temperatures in the morning, high temperatures at noon, winds in the afternoon, and again the cooling of the climate at night. 

In its 24-hour forecast, the National Meteorological Service highlights that the entity will register temperatures of up to 17 degrees Celsius in the morning, as well as maximum temperatures of up to 35 at noon; evening winds are estimated to be between 20 and 35 kilometers per hour and heavily loaded with dust. 

On Thursday, Sinaloa was again with the first place of maximum temperatures at the national level, registering Culiacán together with Arriaga, Chiapas, 36 degrees Celsius in the shade

At night the temperatures will be around 23 and 21 degrees, making the climate more pleasant for those who have already chosen to turn off the air conditioners and thus save a little more light because the federal subsidy has already ended.  

However, we must be very careful since considerable fogs are also forecast, as happened on Thursday in Guasave, a municipality that was practically erased from the map by a dense layer that did not allow visibility on roads and paths. 

The Weather Channel marked the lowest temperatures in Sinaloa in Guasave, Guamúchil, El Fuerte and Los Mochis with 17 centigrade, Choix and Badiraguato 18º, until before 6:00; Culiacán 19 and Mazatlán 24º.
Forecast for sunrise and sunset today, November 12, 2021 in Sinaloa

For its part, the service foresees clear skies for most of the day; it forecasts minimum temperatures of 18 degrees and maximums of 34. The levels of solar radiation and UV rays will average 5 points at 11:00 in the morning, so you have to be careful with the thermal sensation; the sun protection factor is set at 6-10. weather forecast for Sinaloa today November 12, 2021

The following graph shows the extended forecast of for the main ones in Sinaloa today, November 12, 2021.

Let us remember that cold front number 8 moves through Mexican territory and together with low-pressure channels will promote unstable weather with low temperatures, winds and rains, so be forewarned.

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