Rescues in beach areas have declined, despite an increasing number of bathers in Mazatlán


This week will have two days of high waves, but it is expected that for the next long weekend the sea will be calm

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Weekend with intense activity in the beach with increasing bathers, but with a minimum of registered rescues, Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas reported. 

The commander of the Mazatlan Aquatic Rescue Squad, detailed that, in a matter of rescues, the staff heeded the call to rescue three people from the beach area, continuing to the old Hotel El Faro, fortunately, the people only had a nervous breakdown and fatigue, without the need to go to a hospital. 

For this week, Espinoza Bastidas reported that there will be constant monitoring in a matter of waves, for Monday and Tuesday the elevation will be approximately two meters, the next weekend when there will be rest for the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution quiet and crowded beaches are expected. 

“On the weekend there was a little more influx of people, in the area, there were quite a few bathers, from Isla de la Piedra to Cerritos, in all the areas there were quite a few people, 4,600 people, which marked us in all the areas”. 

The coordinator of the Aquatic Rescue Squad asked society that likes to visit the beaches, heed the recommendations of the staff, and above all locate the areas where the flags are installed to know the type of risk that exists, regarding traffic lights He added that it will also be in force to close if necessary. 


The Mazatlan Post