“Celebrating love” LGBT + community paraded through the main avenue of Culiacán


On foot and some in trucks, with great pride and colorful clothing, various groups of the LGBT + community paraded through the main avenue of Culiacán

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- With great pride and wearing colorful clothing and a  huge rainbow flag,  this Saturday the Eighth March for Diversity was held. 

From five in the afternoon at the foot of La Lomita,  members of the LGBTT community and more, supported by sympathizers, families, and groups, began to gather, and 40 minutes later with everything and queens marching down Álvaro Obregón avenue while waving rainbow flags with loud music. 

There, some of the young people interviewed, such as Apolo and Alejandro, the first in their first march and the second and fourth time, expressed their emotion of being supported by their families and going out to march for their rights and a Sinaloa without discrimination. 

“To express what we are and for people to see that it is not wrong to love other people of the same sex,” said Alejandro. 

“It is my first march that I have attended personally and physically and I love it.” 

What do you feel that your family is here with you? 

“Very supported and very loved,” he said. 

Teresa Guerra, Secretary for Women of the State Government, participated in the contingent, as well as various feminist and human rights groups, which have always supported and embraced these demonstrations.

With banners that read “For a Sinaloa without discrimination”, “For all rights, for all people” and “Love is love”, the also known pride march was noticed in the streets, full of excitement with its queens and dancers making visible a theme that increasingly opens more minds and receives support to obtain equal rights.  

The march went smoothly, calmly, until it reached the Pablo de Villavicencio theater, where it ended. 

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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