Find out about Mazatlan’s Casa Amarilla, the place where you can have breakfast, sleep and read a good book and attend a Bazar


On their first anniversary, they will hold Amarillo Bazar, along with a series of events that will attract your attention.

MAZATLÁN.- Walking through its corridors and rooms is like going back to the ’70s or ’80s due to its design, going out to the patio and sitting at a table under a large tree to have breakfast takes you away from the urban noise, we are talking about Casa Amarilla that is already on its way. meet your first anniversary.

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

They will start their activities with a declamation of poetry by Mercedes Reynoso and Salvador Alvarado with the theme “Poetry for two voices”, but their strong weapon is a bazaar that they have called Bazar Amarillo that looks for young Mazatlan people who have taken their creativity to the limit.

Ramón Ibarra is a founding partner of Casa Amarilla, he mentioned that the idea had been in his mind since 2017, between a push and pull that he could not specify, until with two more friends they decided and due to fate they found the house that was remodeled to be a unique space in the Historic Center.

“The response of the people was greater than expected, we have grown and we have learned from mistakes but we are still here and the idea is to stay,” said Ramón.

What will be in Amarillo Bazar?

Among its patios and corridors, there will be at least 22 exhibitors that will sell unique, original, handmade products, based on the dynamics of the design, in addition, there will be beverage and dessert projects to be enjoyed while observing each stand.

“We are looking for entrepreneurs who have things made by hand, that have a historical value, effort, a sentimental value in each article or garment they make, that their creativity is the beginning of what they achieve with their work,” he commented.

All in one place

Casa Amarilla is located at Heriberto Frías number 1408 in the Historic Center, right between the arteries of Plazuela Machado, the heart of downtown Mazatlán.

There you will find rooms to rest registered on the Airbnb platform, the Ulama restaurant, with breakfasts ranging from tacos de Lengua, huaraches, and hot cakes; there is Nodo, a design and decorative art store.

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“It is a space to enjoy, so that you feel confident, we continue to adjust to what we have learned in a year but we bring a promising future,” said Ramón.

The Amarillo Bazar will be held on November 20, with a tentative schedule starting at 3:00 p.m., with free admission to attendees.


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