Mazatlan hoteliers and real estate association warn of online scams


It is advisable to book on official pages, with the hotel’s direct telephone lines, or through special pages such as Trivago, Booking, or Expedia.

MAZATLÁN.- If you are looking to vacation in Mazatlán, you need to have your five senses well alert, because many scammers are emerging on the internet that offer you cheap and simple stays but that in reality become a nightmare. 

The modus operandi is the same in each hotel, you contact a third party through a website or social networks, they promise you an “All-inclusive” stay, they send you the bank accounts and then they disappear. 

You arrive at ‘The Pearl of the Pacific’, you are eager to spend your days in the pool … your reservation does not exist, it is not even in the system, you were part of a scam and you were the victim. 

Ana Tarragona, Sales Manager at Hotel The Inn at Mazatlan, mentioned that this phenomenon reappeared the last weekend, however, it is not the only hotel that has detected this type of event, worrying the sector about damaging the image of the destination tourist. 

“It was already very controlled and it is happening again and we want people to be careful and pay attention to who they book with, from the official website or a phone line that is with the local area, if they do not book or talk to us, no one assures them a stay is the risk ”, he declared.

The idea of ​​correctly verifying the hotel information is to ensure direct and accurate, trustworthy and reliable attention, and although they have only registered one case this weekend, they must be alert so that it does not increase. 

‘Condominiums are also affected by fraud’: AMPI 

The president of the Mazatlan Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), Roberto Carlos Arellano Osorio, mentioned that there are at least 6 cases of complaints of fraud in condominiums that are registered in the association, in a period of at least 4 months. 

As a coincidence, the modus operandi is the same, for false internet pages, profiles on social networks with no real origin, and bank accounts with advance deposits, which later turn into ghosts. 

“It is a bad practice that we are trying to eradicate, that is why we invite people who want to rent, buy in this city to approach certified and professional agents, who ask for their employment data.”

He said that most of the complainants do not even have legal support to help them. 

To prevent this and make it part of a legal point, the real estate sector maintains the proposal of a Real Estate Law in Sinaloa in force, in order to certify formal agents and to detect this type of people, reprimand them and act accordingly. legal way against you because it is a crime. 


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